command & control Centers

command & control Centers
command & control shelter and Containers

PSK Wind Technology is the leading source for implementation and turnkey delivery of Command and Control (C2) centers for effective situation management, supported with Real-time integrated situation picture and diverse connectivity to multiple systems, subsystems and Decision-support tools.

PSK Wind Technology is one stop shop for complete C2 and unified situation awareness for variety of customers including:

  • Military organizations and defense corporations
  • Emergency organizations and centers
  • Transportation monitor and control centers
  • Test Ranges and Flight Test Centers
  • Civilian agencies and corporations for energy and utilities

P.S.K Wind Technology offers a comprehensive MIL-STD product line for military operations and civil shelters.  Our complete line of intermodal shelter systems is designed with maximum flexibility to comply with end-user requirements, provide ease of set-up, and meet long lifespan requirements with rugged construction.

P.S.K Wind Technology is a leading global supplier of rapid deployment equipment including mobile tactical shelters, pallets and expeditionary containers that enhance military commanders’ ability to mobilize, deploy, maneuver and sustain forces. We also manufacture large lightweight structural assemblies and platforms that support mission essential functions. We support our products through a network of service centers, field service teams and strategic partners.

  • including:
    • Ground Control Stations for UAV
    • Command and Control Shelter Systems
    • Logistic Shelters
    • Trailers and Power Generator Systems
    • Air Conditioning Systems and associated equipment’s
    • Watch keeper ground Control Station

PSK Wind Technology Fabrication has been designed to optimize the production flow of the systems most efficiently and ergonomic way and includes the following departments:

  • Welding
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Electrical assembly
  • Harnesses and connectors
  • Coating
  • Integration
  • Qualifications and tests
  • Logistics on site

We build mobile system units that enable first class help, protection and Military App

Portable Shelters designed and produced by P.S.K Wind Technology to meet all kinds of transports.

The Shelters are in operation within minutes after grounded. Special designed for arctic conditions. Many configurations are available.

The mobile radar shelter is designed and produced by P.S.K Wind Technology in close collaboration with our client.

In addition to our standard products, P.S.K Wind Technology specializes in mission-tailored configurations, custom integration, and modification and re-fit of mobile shelter systems. We also provide structural analysis and design engineering capabilities

Key Advantages

Key Advantages


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