About Us

About Us

P.S.K WIND TECHNOLOGY Group is a ‘One-Stop & Cost-Effective Source’ for turn-key integrated stations and infrastructures.

With expertise in Design, Manufacturing and Testing of Integrated Stations, Systems and Solutions, Specializes in providing advanced communication solutions for military applications.

PSK has a very qualified and experienced team for Deployment, Construction, Assembly, End to End integration, Testing, Operation and Logistic support for large scale systems and facilities like Radomes, Test ranges, Telemetry stations etc.

The company provides the ground, naval, and homeland security domains with advanced tactical electronics and communications equipment.


  • Uplink & Downlink Systems
  • Satcom Terminals
  • Test Ranges & Telemetry Stations
  • UHF, LOS & Telecommunication systems
  • Monitor Command and Control Centers
  • Electro Optic & Surveillance Systems

Our Experience:

PSK specializes in Design, construction; installation, wiring, integration, testing, documentation and delivery of:

  • Turnkey projects, specially:  RF, Communication, Electro Optic & Surveillance stations and facilities,
  • Systems & Solutions based on: RF & Fiber Optic elements, GPS and other positioning technologies and Electro Optic
  • Portable Platforms & Infrastructures: Containers, shelters, dolly trailers and shipping platforms as housing or facility for integrated system
  • Permanent Infrastructures: Radomes, Hiding Facilities, Towers, Masts and  Supporting Structures
  • Services: Large scale facilities deployment, construction, assembly, operation and logistic support


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